Wild Up

20/21/22 Performance Season



Distance + Duration (or) (3-12 players)
Music for Large Spaces (or) Call and Response


We’re considering space, now more than ever, and creating site specific programs, responding to our longing to be as close to one another as possible, but also our need to be 6 – 15ft away from one another at all times, during this tragic moment in history. Wild Up is designing programs for large spaces, with variable sized ensembles. Music often about mindfulness, about duration and certainly about space. Each program will be totally unique, site responsive, and will allow for audiences to return to live music in a way that’s embracing and one that feels safe. Works include pieces by Morton Feldman, Pauline Oliveros, James Tenney and Julius Eastman.


of ASCENSION (at Home) (13 players and conductor)

In 2018 Wild Up made a show about the internet, about Heaven, and about a dozen or so musical cultures colliding in self similar music. The look of the show was: 13 musicians each on screen in their own box. Essentially a Zoom meeting. All, at that time, captured live — with each musician operating their own camera, performing the role of cinematographer and capturing other members of the ensemble as we all made that music together. Now, as we’re all trapped at home, we thought: what an amazing moment, and herculean feat, it would be to perform the show all separated, all alone, at home.

of Ascension is a show about finding ourselves and searching for the divine in music, in the stars and in each other. For ages humans have been inspired by the act of rising, by being lifted off the ground and into flight. With an ensemble of wind instruments and a rhythm section: we follow the lines of celestial pop music, ecstatic Sufi spinning, wild free jazz, and antiphonal polyphony. As it was for Coltrane, for us, of Ascension is an architecture filled with vibrant noise— one that connects disparate stylistic artforms inside a self-similar sound.


Wild Up and Hélène Grimaud

Renaissance woman Hélène Grimaud is not just a deeply passionate and committed musical artist whose pianistic accomplishments play a central role in her life. She is a woman with multiple talents that extend far beyond the instrument she plays with such poetic expression and peerless technical control. The French artist has established herself as a committed wildlife conservationist, a compassionate human rights activist and as a writer.




About Bach / Vortex Temporum ( 7 players and conductor)

Three remarkable masterworks, the first a string quartet About Bach from Canadian composer Cassandra Miller, the second Gerard Grisey’s magnum opus, his exploration into sound and time for six musicians: Vortex Temporum.


Adams and Shaw: Shaker Loops, Punctum and Valencia ( 7 players)
The piece that started John Adams’ career: Shaker Loops and Pulitzer Prize winner Caroline Shaw’s
Punctum and Valencia.


Julius Eastman Portraits ( 6-15 players and conductor)
The Making / The Multiple Buddhas / Femenine / Joy Boy

We’re interested in Julius Eastman because of who he was. And because of the pure ecstasy that his music brings. A member of the new music intelligentsia, and yet someone somehow held by the academic community for so long, at arm’s length. Though Eastman had all the successes, important concerts, and international tours that should have brought him stardom as a rising American composer, much of his music was lost as he ended his life in homelessness. He left the academic elite, the Creative Associates in Buffalo, after a falling out with John Cage, to start a queer disco in SoHo.

Eastman’s music is the type that challenges performers by increasing their individual agency for change, in each moment of performance. These quasi-improvisatory pieces increase the creativity in groups of performers, and they challenge the audience to be part of the work as well. Eastman’s Buddha (1983) and Macle (1971) both have graphical scores with no description about how to interpret them. Their incredibly beautiful objects. We’re proposing to make a few versions of each piece, all heard throughout the night. Buddha guided in multiple by a few master composers, with short scores for us, and Macle, guided partially the audience in fact, helping as Eastman intended, by cutting apart the score and remaking it in their own vision. The band then performs a few selected versions as the closing of the concert.

A concert about ideas of place and belonging, that lives in a concert hall or weaves in and out of multiple spaces, one that is either forward facing or participatory.


Strings, darkness, movement ( 5 players and conductor)

First conceived as a project in the darkness with the ensemble surrounding the audience.Strings, darkness, movement is music for one, two, four, and five string players, with movement as the focus: movement as transformation, movement as choreography, movement of sound, methodical movement, poetical movement, movement of bells, movement of light, movement in the dark. Works by Cassandra Miller, Luciano Berio, Cat Lamb, Tashi Wada, Steve Reich, Sara Cubarsi, and Andrew McIntosh. Performed by Wild Up, lead by composer performer Andrew McIntosh.