Compagnia TPO

22/23  Performance Season

The life of the butterfly, from egg to caterpillar to butterfly. The production makes use of dance, video, music and interactive technologies.
The audience is invited to interact with these beautiful creatures…

Pop Up Garden
Pop Up Garden is a show devoted to Gilles Clement (botanist, poet and gardener) and to all those unsung heroes who create gardens in the most unexpected places. It is an invitation to observe plants and their way of dancing in the wind, and their quality of being both generous and mischievous all at the same time. Pop Up Garden celebrates the urban gardener, the hardworking, optimistic lovers of nature who bring life to the empty lots, factory courtyards and alleys of the city landscape. Through their vision, they transform asphalt into enchanted places painted with flowers, greenery and the animals who live in nature.

The Oryx

Ancient antelope of the Arabian Peninsula, once on the brink of extinction, is now is experiencing a re-birth in a more environmentally responsive Arabian society. Thanks to a precious safeguarding work, the Oryx rises like a phoenix to repopulate the desert. The Oryx of Arabia is the symbol of a process that unites the past with the present of the Emirati culture and is the trait d’union between history and the representation of a modern sophisticated civilization.

TPO captures the tale of the Oryx with its most ambitious work yet, created with the support of NYU Abu Dhabi. Oryx is a visual installation, performance piece and audience participation experience that will captivate all of TPO audiences from the very
youngest to oldest.

The ORYX builds on the reputation of TPO for visual brilliance, incorporating the state of the art in projection technology to create the sense of a three-dimensional world, inhabited by the ORYX in its ancient mythical world and taking it through a journey of time to its contemporary environment.


Colors, TPO’s newest production, is a show of dance, images and digital design, dedicated to children and their playful and emotional way of relating to color. With choreography by Catherine Galasso, Colors inhabits a world for children in which three kids meet and share moments of friendship and discovery. The story takes place in a room where they can dream and where everything around them comes to life through color.


Tour produced in association with ArKtype/ Thomas O. Kriegsmann