eighth blackbird

22/23 Performance Season



Entering into a new era, 8BB celebrates its delayed 25th Anniversary season with a meaningful program reflecting upon a quarter century of innovation redefining the chamber music experience.

Phoenix Program
Akiho, Erase (2011) 11’
Simms, Metamold (2020) 12’
Davis, Between Light and Shadow (2018) 8’
> PAUSE (8′)
Holland, Clarity of Cold Air (2013) 8’
Albert, XIII: evening all afternoon (2000) 5’
Viet Cuong, Electric Aroma (2018) 8’
> PAUSE (8′)
Wolfe, Singing in the Dead of Night (2007) 20’
Parry, Strange Sunrise (2016/2020) 10’
[Encore: Andy Akihoi, Karakurenai (2013) 5’] = ~90’



8BB continues to create a new repertoire for chamber ensemble concerti.
Two concerto premieres are on the horizon: A concerto with band by the phenom Viet Cuong (available Spring 2022), and a concerto with orchestra by the collective Kinds of Kings (available Fall 2022).
Additionally, the ensemble continues performing the wildly successful orchestral concerto On a Wire, by Pulitzer and Grammy award-winning composer Jennifer Higdon


Composition as Explanation
8BB does it again, creating the next in a remarkable repertoire of staged productions called “super-chamber-music” by Pulitzer prize winning composer David Lang who composes an extraordinary evening based on writings by Gertrude Stein and directed by the iconic Anne Bogart.