Too late?

November 27, 2019

Well, maybe too late. The 2016 vintage of this modest Chianti Rufina (another site in Tuscany outside of the more famous Classico demarcation) from Selvapiana is powerful testimony as to just how terrific the 2016 vintage is in Tuscany. I noticed yesterday that one of my go-to wine shops in the OC is rotating the 2017 version onto shelves now. I haven’t tasted it, and can’t vouch for this newer release, but can’t imagine it will be as fine as the earlier release. This is Selvapiana’s basic bottling – an everyday wine at an everyday price. Yet, it is so satisfying with luscious, focused cherry fruit and balanced tannins that ensure several more years of satisfying drinking. If you can still find it, buy it! I scrambled today to find a few more bottles to stash for later – I’m hopeful that I can keep my hands off them for a few years to see what develops.

2016 Selvapiana Chianti Rufina
$15 to $19 at fine wine shops.