Julius Eastman

Julius Eastman Anthology
There is something about the identity and presence of Eastman’s music that engages us and makes us obsessed. It’s music that, we’ve found, lives in the minds of audiences unlike anything else Wild Up has performed. With this Anthology we endeavor to discover the way to carry his music forward.


Julius Eastman: Feminine:
12 – 20 players, local chorus of untrained bell players *amplified or unamplified
The first record in Wild Up’s anthology Julius Eastman Vol. 1: Femenine has been lauded as “A masterpiece.” (New York Times) “instantly recognizable” (Vogue) and “singularly jubilant..a bit in your face, sometimes capricious, and always surprising.” (NPR). NPR named the record among the top ten records of 2021 in all genres.


Julius Eastman: The Multiple Buddhas 8 – 12 players, collaborative residency
*amplified or unamplified
Eastman’s music is the type that challenges performers by increasing their individual agency for change, in each moment of performance. These quasi-improvisatory pieces increase the creativity in groups of performers, and they challenge the audience to be part of the work as well.

Julius Eastman: Gay Guerilla 8 Players
A chamber music portrait of Julius Eastman, including Eastman’s Gay Guerilla, Joy Boy, Macie, Budha, Touch Hium When and Our Father

“ To hear Wild Up's performance in a single sitting is nothing short of sheer bliss. "
– Tom Huizenga

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