Julius Eastman

Julius Eastman Anthology
There is something about the identity and presence of Eastman’s music that engages us and makes us obsessed. It’s music that, we’ve found, lives in the minds of audiences unlike anything else Wild Up has performed. With this Anthology we endeavor to discover the way to carry his music forward.

Julius Eastman: Femenine:

Presented with 18 piece orchestra, Femenine pulses with the emerging, hypnotic vision of the emerging minimalist school. The sonic experience of Eastman’s vision washes over the audience with grace and power.

An Eastman Festival

A site-specific 3-day festival celebrating the work of Julius Eastman. The program features numerous works by Eastman, including the evening-spanning, Buddha, Stay On It and Evil N- featuring guest artists Devonté Hynes and Adam Tendler.


Julius Eastman: Group Works

Eastman’s quasi-improvisatory pieces create the entry point for a community residency focused on creativity. Local musicians as well as audience members will participate.

“ To hear Wild Up's performance in a single sitting is nothing short of sheer bliss. "
– Tom Huizenga

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