The Ottoman Four Seasons

Celebrating Vivaldi’s masterpiece with an unforgettable journey through Venice and the Middle East.


Vivaldi’s world was a thrilling and spicy place. Boundaries were porous, particularly in Venice where Vivaldi was born and lived. It was one of the great cosmopolitan and entrepreneurial centres of its time.


Exotic goods, knowledge and culture from the Middle East, North Africa and beyond flowed unstoppably into Europe, propelled by the vast reach of the Ottoman Empire.


The Australian Chamber Orchestra is renowned for their innovative collaborations that breathe new life, and new perspectives, into the classics. In The Ottoman Four Seasons, celebrated violinist Richard Tognetti and the ACO will be joined by oud virtuoso Joseph Tawadros and riq master James Tawadros. You’ll hear Vivaldi’s entire masterpiece in all its original glory – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter – performed alongside the toe-tapping rhythms and deep soul of Joseph’s own compositions.

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