Benoit Charest
Ben Charest is an Oscar nominee composer from Montreal. He has written over 20 film scores. He is mostly known for his 2004 Triplets of Belleville score that has earned him many awards. Besides being a versatile composer, Ben is an accomplished jazz guitarist and performs regularly with some of Montreal’s finest musicians. Like many teenagers of his time, Ben picked up the guitar at age 13 learning Beatles and Led Zeppelin tunes. He then took on private guitar lessons and went on to further his musical studies at McGill and Montreal universities. He then learned his trade touring as a sideman with various bands in Quebec and abroad. Ben wrote his first score in 1992 for an NFB documentary. He is presently involved in writing music for his jazz organ trio and touring with the “Terrible orchestre de Belleville”. A cine-concert in which an 8-piece band play in-sync the score to the “Triplets of Belleville” movie. Ben keeps up with his trade on a daily basis by staying in sync with the fast changing realities of the music world.

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