The title refers to what appears to be a systematic targeting for murder of Black people by white supremacists. Driven by “the great replacement theory” (a belief that whiteness is under threat) white supremacists have put in their crosshairs native born black and brown people, but also non-white immigrants.

Using strategies that I have developed over time for the creation of work that is centered on Race, Social Justice, and Climate (research as a foundational tool that informs the physical work, non-hieratical movement manipulations to generate vocabulary, and theatrical theories as a source of structural inspiration), this evening length work will conclude the INSIDIOUS TRILOGY. The production will utilize not only dance/movement but also text, music, sound, voice, documentary/facts/information, media, and speculation, and to some degree will continue my exploration of the disruption of the perceived boundaries between dance
and theater.

" The curtain lowered last night, and the audience just sat there. No one wanted to applaud…That was an incredible ride…"

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