Dirty Work

At Sysyphus Solutions, founder Vijay runs this billion-dollar enterprise remotely, from his home in Bangalore. Somewhere in another place, another country is one of satellite offices of Sysyphus where Joy cleans the offices for minimum wage. The computers are down and the big boss wants the impossible. A hapless middle manager, his unhelpful assistant and their chorus of office workers are soldiering on. Which isn’t good news for the cleaner. But tonight, Joy brings her own dreams to life, with a chorus of 20 singing office mates where everyone finds a path to their own vision and navigates a way through the delicate balance of Dirty Work and their own dreams. Workplace hierarchies are shattered, class and culture clash and from the chaos emerges a different way to value one another. The four actors of Indian Ink star with a chorus of locals in each venue.

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