Los Angeles Master Chorale

22/23 Performance Season

Lagrime di San Pietro

Under the artistic direction of Grant Gershon, the Los Angeles Master Chorale continues to make available Lagime di San Pietro, Orlando di Lasso’s renaissance masterpiece directed by Peter Sellars. In keeping with the Master Chorale’s mission to innovate presentation models within the choral space, two new projects are being developed.  In collaboration with visual artist, Doug Aitken, we make available Lightscape, a vocal/film installation to be exhibited on a conventional screen environment or digitally mapped for out of doors exhibition on architectural surfaces.  Shine Bright: A Triptych, LAMC’s newest project provides an outdoor, projection-based performance for pedestrians or mobile viewing with works by Derrick Spiva, Reena Esmail, and Meredith Monk. This project will assist presenters in animating and invigorating urban environments.

Lagrime di San Pietro by Orlando di Lasso
Los Angeles Master Chorale • Grant Gershon, Artistic Director
Directed by Peter Sellars • Lighting by James F Ingalls

From the creative mind of acclaimed director Peter Sellars comes his very first a cappella staging and most personal work to date. Orlando di Lasso knew that Lagrime di San Pietro was to be the last piece he would ever compose, and so he packed every measure with an emotionally charged texture that channeled all of his pain and remorse into a towering work of beauty.

Twenty-one singers transform this 75-minute sweeping a cappella Renaissance masterpiece – committed to memory and dramatically staged – into an overwhelmingly emotional performance piece. Set to the poetry of Luigi Tansillo (1510-1568), “I accept responsibility” is the fundamental theme of this work depicting the seven stages of grief that St. Peter experienced after disavowing his knowledge of Jesus Christ on the day of his arrest and prior to his crucifixion.

Sellars translates Lagrime through a contemporary lens, suggesting a powerful allegory that by taking responsibility and facing our past head-on, we can forge a more resolved and fulfilling future.

Shine Bright: A Triptych offers the virtuosity of the Los Angeles Master Chorale in a trio of contemporary choral works interwoven with evocative video content. Composers Reena Esmail, Meredith Monk and Derrick Skye have each contributed distinctive choral works which are combined with movement, dance and stunning cinematography into separate video presentations. Shine Bright: A Triptych lends itself to a variety of interesting presentation scenarios; on a physical site that can accommodate separate viewing areas, audiences can move through an outdoor environment or large visual arts gallery to see each piece on a separate projection surface or monitor; within the lobby of a venue, the pieces can be looped together for broadcast on the in-house public display system; in traditional theatrical presentation for venues equipped with projection systems; or as a streaming event across a presenter’s digital platform.