Los Angeles Master Chorale

23/24 Performance Season

Music to Accompany a Departure Set to Heinrich Schütz’s Musikalische Exequiem

Grant Gershon, conductor
Peter Sellars, director
16 singers, conductor, continuo (gamba and portative organ)

Continuing a decades-long collaboration with Peter Sellars, the Los Angeles Master Chorale announces Music to Accompany a Departure, set to the music of Heinrich Schütz’s Musikalische Exequiem (Funeral Music).

Saying goodbye. Being present. One of the most painful aspects of the pandemic is that countless people have been unable to be with their loved ones in their final days, hours and moments of life. Peter Sellars, Grant Gershon and the singers of the L.A. Master Chorale are creating a very personal ceremony of presence and remembering, through the transfixing music of Heinrich Schütz. His Musikalische Exequien was the original “human” requiem, written for a friend in the language of the people. This intimate and emotional work will be presented as a ritual of leave-taking for our time.

Los Angeles Master Chorale seeks co-commissioners for Music to Accompany a Departure. Supporters of the work will be hosted at the world premiere at Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles on November 20, 2022.

Shine Bright: A Triptych offers the virtuosity of the Los Angeles Master Chorale in a trio of contemporary choral works interwoven with evocative video content. Composers Reena Esmail, Meredith Monk and Derrick Skye have each contributed distinctive choral works which are combined with movement, dance and stunning cinematography into separate video presentations. Shine Bright: A Triptych lends itself to a variety of interesting presentation scenarios; on a physical site that can accommodate separate viewing areas, audiences can move through an outdoor environment or large visual arts gallery to see each piece on a separate projection surface or monitor; within the lobby of a venue, the pieces can be looped together for broadcast on the in-house public display system; in traditional theatrical presentation for venues equipped with projection systems; or as a streaming event across a presenter’s digital platform.