Sydney Morning Herald

Australian Chamber Orchestra provided a welcome platform for rarities and discoveries

Sydney Morning Herald

This ACO collaboration was one of the musical highlights of my life

The Age

Radiating irrepressible joy and strong musical magnetism.

Kronos Quartet

Triple Honors from the Library of Congress

NZ Herald – Mrs.K’s Party

“The -unsurprising -standing ovation at the end of the play spoke volumes.”

Theatre Scenes – Paradise

“Rajan’s production is no doubt exhausting to perform, but effortless to watch.”

Arts Louisville – Mrs. K’s Party

“Best Onam Ever.”

Broadway World

“This performance will enthrall children, of course, but parents will be amazed. This is a delightfully engaging performance.”

Arts & Culture

“Children’s show Farfalle brings a sense of escape”

The Age

“This extraordinary show sees uncanny acrobatic prowess meet dance”

Arts Hub

“Running liquid bodies leapt into each other’s arms with a great deal of trust and reliance.”


“ imaginative journey … There were many breath-taking moments.”


“Duck Pond is hugely entertaining and impressive””

New York Times

“As Bang on a Can Returns, a New Generation Rises”

Los Angeles Times

“[Anthracite Fields] captures not only the sadness of hard lives lost…but also of the sweetness and passion of a way of daily life now also lost. The music compels without overstatement. This is a major, profound work..”

The Harvard Crimson

“Brooklyn Rider Promises an Evocative Musical Experience”

Boston Globe

“Brooklyn Rider is first and foremost a string quartet, and an excellent one at that, and its string quartet-ness neither defines nor limits its capabilities. Ride on.”


“‘A concert should be a gathering place for collective conversation and imagining’”Brooklyn Rider’s Nicholas Cords on Beethoven, Gratitud And The Power of Creativity”

Beat Australia

‘A concert should be a gathering place for collective conversation and imagining’

Sydney Morning Herald

“The World’s Coolest String Quartet”

New York Times

Best Classical Music Albums of 2023

New York Times

At 50, the Kronos Quartet Is Still Playing for the Future

Musical America

Wild Up Meets Julius Eastman in a True “Radical Adornment”

San Francisco Classical Voice

Los Angeles Master Chorale Stages an Emotional Masterpiece

Financial Times

Brooklyn Rider, the string quartet he co-founded, have been pushing the boundaries of their art form

Los Angeles Times

Meredith Monk’s ‘80s post-nuclear space opera is startlingly prescient


Circa’s production is a delightfully fresh take on the art of circus

New York Times

Kronos Quartet Offers a Creative Snapshot of a Global Pandemic

Los Angeles Times

“Music to Accompany a Departure” as one of the best of classical music events in 2022

Stanford Daily

‘Leviathan by Circa’ stuns audiences with heart-stopping acrobatics

Seattle Times

Spectrum Dance Theater opens 40th-anniversary season with exhilarating ‘Occurrence #11’


‘Julius Eastman Volume 2: Joy Boy’ Review: Maximalist Minimalist

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